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Think outside the Medical box... You may be suprised !!

For over two decades the Brooker Colour Therapy Clinic has been responsible for the treatment of thousands of people. Many people both from New Zealand and overseas thought they had lost their battle against illness. The clinic does not claim to cure people - “People’s bodies cure themselves”




The first Brooker Colour Therapy Clinic was opened in early 1973, by my Grandfather ( Don)  A.D.Brooker, Don Graduated withB.Sc, in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biological subjects, He was a teacher of science and mathematics at Marton District High School in 1960 he became Deputy-principal of Wanganui Technical College, where he remained for four years. During this time he discovered the Liley System of Colour Healing. Don retired in 1997 at the age of 83.

In this time Allan Brooker ( My Father )  had being training with Don to become a colour therapist,

Allan had moved his practices to the hills in Te Miro of Cambridge, During the past 3 years ( Part Time ) I had been working with my father to learn the ways, when my father came to me asking me to work for him full time in the last 18 months, this allowed Dad to retire to just 3 hours a week. Then in November 2018 the unthinkable happened, Sadly Allan Brooker Passed Away.

It's a well known fact and it's been scientifically proven that all things vibrate at a certain frequency no matter what they are. It's the same with bugs (Diseases) that get into your system, be they viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. They all give off their own unique vibrational frequency.

Now, if we have an appropriate valid sample (let's say of the 'tobacco necrosis virus'), we are then able to match its vibration to a specific colour along the visible light spectrum. We do this either by mixing colours together to create a specific colour, or by using separate colours and joining them together. Rather than using the common chromotherapy method of coloured glass or water, we obtain our colours from dyed cottons, wool's or other natural fibres etc.. These colours and are then measured out to an exact length. The outcome of this is what we call a 'colour tabulation'. The colour tabulations that are then used in our modulators have been tested against the sample and vibrate at the same frequency of the pathogen.

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