Colour Therapy How It Works 


What is Colour Therapy?

"With the correct and characteristic frequency, all bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and diseased tissues are destroyed by resonance..."
A.D Brooker

Colour Therapy by the Liley System:-

With the correct and characteristic frequency, all bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and diseased tissues are destroyed by resonance...This system of Colour Healing is a new paradigm for the sick, especially for those who are doomed at present while being treated with orthodox medicine.

Colour Therapy works by matching the frequency wavelength of a colour to that of a disease, virus or infection. Patients can spend days connected with a bracelet and wire to a coloured tabulation, which in time neutralises the disease. It's basically works like a radio, you have to match the radio signal frequency with the tuner to work, and it's the same with Colour Therapy, you must match the colour frequency with the disease.

The Liley system of Colour Therapy began as an intuitive quantum leap into the future. It is a different approach from physics rather than chemistry.

  1. This system of Colour Healing removes bacterial and virus infections provided you complete the treatments. (If there are any reasons why you think you cannot finish the treatment, then please discuss them with us.)

  2. Colour Therapy removes microbes but cannot supply bodily needs that are deficient nor can it repair any physical damage or physical ailments. On your own accord you may take vitamins, minerals or need to fulfill a complete diet which is abundant in natural and raw foods. Also very important to restoring health is a daily intake of good water. You may need a physician to prescribe additional medication which is necessary to your well being, our system does not supply medical services.

  3. You are directly connected to the colour and oscillator machine. During Colour Treatments, the colour which matches the frequency of the microbe you are infected with is fed back to our system by means of a radio carrier wave. You are directly connected to the colour and oscillator machine. We do not absent healing because it is a form of faith healing. Our way does its work by machine alone and so any number of people can be treated at the same time.

  4. Bloodstream infections are the easiest to remove because all the microbes circulate under the connection of the machine. Infections in organs and flesh take longer. It all depends on your circulation, your age, your vitality, your size and the nature of the disease.

  5. Overdose is impossible with this treatment machine because as soon as a particular microbe is killed there is nothing left that its particular colour can work on. Wrong colours also have no effect in this machine. In both the above cases nothing happens. A simple coil however produces a harmful radiation of the "iridium" frequency but Liley's machine does not. It is completely free of all harmful effects. This means that there is no side effects either, so the treatment is 100% safe, because the only thing that happens is a reduction of infection. Often you can feel this.

  6. A typical sample of colour tabulationsColour treatments are by one colour tabulation at a time and not by the whole lot mixed up together. Colours are applied seperately and alternately so each gives its maximum effect and is not slowed down by the presence of the other colours. This means your total treatment is short as we can make it and you are not paying for the time wasted. Doctor. Liley insisted that every patient is entitled to relief in as short a time as possible and this end he taught the order of treatments for the quickest results.

  7. The latest electronic colour machine often removes infections faster than your body can take advantage of. This means that recuperation continues on after the treatment ceases. Sometimes even for months.

  8. Colour Therapy kills off disease organisims, so you can concentrate your efforts on healthy living and eating in order to help your body heal itself.

  9. We render no medical services

  10. We treat no physical disabilities

  11. If you are suffering from physical pain or sypmtoms still persist see your doctor or health professional straight away.

The colour modulator (or machine), produces thousands of radio waves that are within the ordinary radio spectrum, much like a home radio. When turning the dial on the radio to find a station you are in effect tuning into one radio wave! These radio waves are harmless and are the same waves that are produced by the colour modulators.

The theory is that once the colour tabulation is placed in the colour modulator cup, the radio waves produced by the colour modulators pass through the tabulation and pick up the colour frequency. The radio wave is then carried to you through the cable and metal band on your wrist or ankle. The frequency picked up from the colour tabulation and carried by radiowave to your skin then passes into your blood stream and through your entire body. That is how  Colour Therapy is administered!

You dont feel anything, there are no known side effects, it's totally harmless, it's very simple to use, the colours are specific (not broad spectrum like many other Chromotherapy techniques), and unlike conventional Western medicine  Colour Therapy is focused on the cause, not the symptom. Because chromotherapy removes the disease from the body without putting anything in to it, Colour Therapy is not used for structural/physical disabilities.

Naturally,  Colour Therapy is not the be all and end all of alternative therapies. If you were to have an accident and end up in a hospital's Emergency ward, the last person you would want to see would be a colour therapist! Naturally, you would be looking for a good emergency ward doctor who could put you back together again. Many therapies may have a part to play in human health and recovery, of which Chromotherapy (and Colour Therapy) is just one.


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